Rotape and Replacement Parts

No. RT111 - Rotape™ Beam Compass
Marking devise combining a measuring tape and pencil scirbe in one pocket size tool. Marks a radius from 3-1/2" to 6ft. Also used to mark staight lines. Includes Rotape™, compass centering pin, collett and pencil lead. Made in U.S.A

$29.95 ea.

No. RTA5112-HB - Prepared Compass Leads
1 1/4" long, HB leads with sharp chisel point. Packaged 12 leads per tube.

$1.65 Per tube

No. RT001 - Compass Centering Pin
Rotape™ Steel centering pin used to anchor the beam compass during use

$2.25 ea.

No. RT002 & RT003 - Collett and Nut Assembly
Rotape™ brass and aluminum collett assembly used to hold 2mm lead.

$2.45 both