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stainless steel grill features
We want you to grill at normal temperatures (400-560 degrees) because we have designed our grill to perform best at these temperatures.

Grease vaporizing in the grill is what gives grilled food its distinct flavor.
Convection Type Grilling - This is fast becoming the cooking method of choice for people who appreciate flavorful and juicy food. With typical grilling the flames dry out the foods. With this method, the food is cooked evenly from all four sides. This seals in the natural juices and flavor of whatever you cook. It also eliminates the need of a rotisserie and gives you the same effects as you would get from searing.

100% Stainless Steel - All SARKA grills are constructed from 100% 304 stainless steel, the ultimate in corrosion resistant steel. Our grills have no cheap plastics or coated components to wear out or break.
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